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Install A Gadget at “The Oscars”

Event date:  Saturday 21st April 2018
Written by Kylie F. Kearns

20180421_203609Being told Install A Gadget was a Finalist in the Services Category of the 2018 Australian Small Business Champion Awards was a pretty good day for us.

As a “Mum and Dad” partnership celebrating our 15th year of successful business, the news of our triumph already had us feeling like winners.  To be recognised outside of our family, friends and loyal customers made us feel just a little bit chuffed!

So we made the treck from laid back Perth to busy Sydney town and got all suited up for the “Oscars of Small Business” held at the Sydney Star Casino Ballroom.  The sights and sounds of the Casino on a Saturday night a dazzling experience of its own!

The Precedent Productions presentation was a smoothly run, glamorous affair with first class entertainment, food, drinks and an atmosphere of celebration.

Each business had its name called in its category and a photo of young Robbie and Paul poised before the Install A Gadget mobile workshop flashed on the big screen, accompanied by a celebratory “Woo hoo” from our table, as our name was called.

Whilst we missed out on delivering our winners acceptance speech and bringing home a trophy as excess luggage, we have to say the whole experience was still just as joyful as we hoped and more inspiring than we could have imagined.

Listening to the stories behind the winners was truly an honour and left you in awe of what people can achieve, sometimes even because of adversity.

Keeping company with an entire room of people relating to the sacrifices owners of small business make - time not spent with your partner, your kids, the financial stresses, the list goes on and it’s a long one! - was a type of homecoming we’d not experienced or expected.
We celebrated the success of passionate, dedicated strangers with amazing ideas with genuine applause.20180421_220400

There are 2.7 million small business employing 4.7 million Australians which means they contribute much to the Australian economy.  We ourselves will be employing a staff member this year, 5 years since employing our first.
It takes guts and dogged determination to succeed and grow so we celebrate each and every Australian Small Business, not just the ones we were privileged to sit with on that shining April evening.

You can show your support for Aussie Small Businesses by “Thinking Small First” whenever you have opportunity.  They have so much to offer and they do a damn fine job of it.  They're invested, 100%.

Thank you to our friends, family and customers, not just for willing us to win this award but for being supportive and loyal advocates every other day. 


Small Business champion

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