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Celebrating 17 years

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Install A Gadget is growing and we’re proud to keep it in the family

May 2018
Written by Kylie F. Kearns


This year we celebrate fifteen successful years as a small business. 

A pretty big feat and one we’re very proud of, especially since we’ve witnessed the unfortunate demise of many businesses in that time.

For the first ten years in business, we made do with just Paul and myself juggling our busy enterprise with efforts to maintain some form of a quality family life with our young son Jake.
By 2012 Paul really needed an extra pair of hands to get the job done faster. 

Enter nephew Robbie.  Rob came to us at 17 years of age with an established interest in electronics and a keen desire to enter a Trade.  The outcome of which has been a highly successful team of two who have been pleasing customers with quality and speedy installations for the last five years.

Starting life with Install A Gadget as an exemplary Trainee, Rob has now notched up some qualifications and experience beyond his years, and the Uncle and Nephew relationship is as strong as it ever was.  


With Rob working so proficiently these days, and with the development of our RV Lithium Systems Australia products, Paul has again found himself working alone more often while Rob sets about manufacturing and installing. 
We again find ourselves needing to grow our small business.

Enter our son Jake.  Jake finished school over a year ago and undertook a Pre-apprenticeship Electricians course, in which he was doing well.  Unfortunately a close encounter with a tree trunk on a Trials bike resulted in a snapped right index finger, which kind of makes practical electrical work difficult, so he withdrew to heal only a week or so in to the course.

Since then Jake has spent twelve months expanding his contacts in the motorsport industry as a Service Co-ordinator at a motorbike store, but really wanted to gain a Trade qualification.
So with timing again smiling on us all, we have a new Trainee in the family and our business!

Welcome aboard Jake.  Paul, Rob and I are looking forward to watching you learn and grow your career in the years to come.

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